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:: Friday, July 16, 2004 ::


:: matto 9:45 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ::
Mood: 4 of 5
Listening to: Cub

i was gonna do stuff today.

but i got up at about 1pm,
decided i'd burn that new Tortoise record i'd downloaded and try to like it.
it was on disk 5 of 6 of this weekend's mp3 cds.
and disk 5 of 6 is the one that decided to just write one 7"
so the High Llamas i downloaded for Phaedra
and the um... some zolo stuff i DL'd from Chad
and this new Tortoise record are still back in Athens.

Then i take a shower, but try not to get my hair wet, cuz it was lookin' awes.
but when i got out, my hair looked like crap.
so i had to get it wet and grease it up.

i drove 2¼ miles to the CoolBeans/Tj's/Tomatoe parking lot,
and cruised to the library to turn in the cd i had lost and reordered from Smithsonian Folkways.
But the lady wasn't there
and it was wet outside so my board got wet.
i was gonna get a sandwich at Jimmy John's,
but then i remembered i was fasting.

after the library,
i went to work,
but i had forgotten my contract thing.
so i cruised back up to my car, drove the 2½ miles back to my house to get the thing, and to the Joop to get some tangelo juice.

just as i was ready to leave, it started pouring hardcore.
i hit the cup of juice on my cardoor somehow,
the bottom was cracked, so i had to drink it through the crack until the pulp built a dam.
of course, by the time i was ready to drive off, it stopped raining.

it was too wet to cruise now,
so i drove over to Stovall Hall.
i drove around two sticker lots, but chickened out and took a meter.

now i'm back here and i'm doing nothing.
i should be making labels but... i don't feel too bad about that.

Hey, look at this little guy! --->?
:: matto 5:48 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 ::

just a couple more days....

:: matto 2:25 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, April 01, 2004 ::
i have had so much trouble getting this Comment thing to work.

= /
:: matto 3:20 PM [+] ::
Bombs Away!!!
Music: KVRX
4/1/04 12:55 PM
Mood: 5

So the other day i get out of class,
and my mom had left this message on my voice mail:
"Matthew, there's a guy with a bomb in a Wells-Fargo truck up on University. So please don't go to University, ok?"

I knew just what to do.

Lydia: Hey what'sup?

Matt: We gotta get out of town.

Lydz: Say What?

Matt: There's this guy with a bomb and he's in a truck. Last i heard he was on University, but now he could be anywhere. Let's go someplace safe. Like Joe's Crab Shack.

Lydz: Uhm. I'm sleepy. I'm in my pajamas. [it was about 2 or 3pm.]

Matt: Well hop into some pants, WE COULD DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Lydz: Oh. Ok, alright. Pick me up.

So then at Joe's, they have the most INGENIOUS THINGS IN THE WORLD!
can you believe that???????
everybody LOVES crabs, but they hate having to work for it.
so they catch the crabs right after they shed their shell,
and so they're all soft. and you just fry it up and EAT THE WHOLE THING. It's awes. Simply Mindblowing.

for serious.

:: matto 1:29 PM [+] ::
GIF Liberation Front
Music: BIG UNC - Westside 'G' Style
3/31/04 3:36 AM
Mood: 5

:: matto 1:26 PM [+] ::
what hoppend?
3/31/04 3:21 AM
Mood: 4

sometimes i get distracted and think about something pretty hard and everything else kindof fades out.
then i sortof wake up and look around.. was i making noise? was i singing or thinking aloud?
it's even worse if i'm wearing headphones.
something tells me i shouldn't have to worry about this.

:: matto 1:26 PM [+] ::
I Saw The Passion
Music: video killed the radio star
3/31/04 1:33 AM
Mood: 4

i just drank this Kumbucha medicine drink.
that stuff makes me feel craaaaaaaazy.
my voice sounds like it's coming from deep inside me,
or like i'm talking into a tunnel.
and my throat hurts.
it didn't hurt before.

why are so many of my friend and family so willy-nilly?
i hate waiting around forever for them to make decisions.
but it could be worse, i suppose.
they could make up their minds instantly and never be open to a new p-o-v or suggestion.

Lisa Loeb married Dweezil Zappa.
even though she was way too old for me
and i'm sure we don't have much in common
i want to KILL HIM.

oh man, i feel sick.
i feel like my brain is crawling out of my skull.
i wish i had 2 bodies so i could switch over to the other when one got sick or tired. i could do anything! the possibilities would be endless.

D Composers
Music: carribian ringtone ("holliday") looped in my head
3/31/04 12:48 AM
Mood: 4

---------->click here for to see when the next recital is. there's some pretty good stuff.

i found this note on the ground, written on Homewood Suites stationary.

"I love being around you & seriously I mean I'm not sure if I'm the only girl you've been
fuckin' or not but I swear to God that I don't wanna even bother w/ anyone else sex w/ you is
amazing Greg! I've never felt so good w/ anyone else. I absolutely love the sex!
Sorry I'm so rough sometimes =( Just my style at times.
Well, anyways... Just wanted to tell you a few things, I'm not" [sic.]

I'M NOT WHAT??????????
John H. Bell says it's a joke, that someone wrote it as a trick.
but i kinda doubt it.
but i REEEEALLY wish i had that next page.

Music: Radio Failure
3/22/04 9:51 PM
Mood: 4

my first nite in austin i saw The Gay.
they had some nice harmonies,
and i guess some songs were pretty cool.
but overall, i'd say the band was aptly named.

friday i saw Bro. Danielson and Sufjan Stevens play at Buffalo Billiards.
they were pretty cool.
Danielson wore his tree costume
and Sufjan had this AWES amish hat that i wanted BAD.
Lydia was there, and so was Chef!!!
Jad Fair was there for the Danielson show, but left.
as he was on his way out, i was like,
"wait a sec. that guy wasn't just ripping off Jad Fair's look,
i tried to get lydia to talk to him,
but she chickened out.
What A Whuss.

i wish Half-Handed Cloud had played SXSW.
now that guy is hella entertaining.
if he had been there this year's conference would have been way better than the classic cary grant film "North By Northwest."
but as it was,
it came in a distant,
distant second place.

friday morning i saw a movie called "I Love Your Work."
it was really nice, it's kindof similar to "Lost in Translation."
only, "i love your work" makes NO SENCE TO ME!!!!!!!!
utter confusion.
but the music was totally hella awes maxdout, stayword!
:: matto 1:21 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, March 22, 2004 ::
Orriginal Spin?
Music: french girl bands from the 60s
3/22/04 10:51 AM
Mood: 4

Mattman417: hey rory, do you think the concept of "sin nature" or "orriginal sin" are Biblical or a construct of the church?

roryallenrock: isnt the bible a construct of the church?

roryallenrock: and therefore anything biblical also as such?

Mattman417: the church, ideally, is a construct of the Bible, or really- of Jesus. but it's changed a lot, or most churches have. and there's also things that people mix up with the Bible, like "paradise lost" or the "left behind" series of books.

roryallenrock: well its all fiction to me

Mattman417: i think this whole "orriginal sin" thing was made up by the catholic church to subvert and dominate the masses... you know, like when the priests would sell "pardons" for sins? but i'm not sure. i'll check up on it.
but i don't remember reading anything about it,
just hearing that from other people.
i think it'd be in the Apistles.. Ipistles? The letters to the early church.

Epicanthic Folds
Music: The Joggers
3/20/04 4:50 PM
Mood: 4

just got a text message:

"Thanks for visiting. I love the cd.
Sorry for being so boring. Just tired.
Be safe." -Mle Hxc

and a song in my head:

"she's got a brain-scrambling device
and i can feel it in my he-e-ead." -Groovie Ghoulies

i was doing fine two days ago.
Austin's... i don't even know what i can say about Austin.
:: matto 11:01 AM [+] ::
remembering New Orleans in austin
Music: unusual and dusgusting snores from an obese freshman sleeping on a couch 3/19/04 8:09 AM
Mood: 5

I'm staying at the Trash House right now.
since my last visit, they've gotten some new residents-- RATS.
so last night i broke a "buck popper" and spread fox urine on my neck and arms like cologne.

So anyway.
last night i got into Austin a little before 7p.
i was expecting to meet up with an old umfriend,
but she had forgotten and went home for a few days.
maybe i made those plans with someone else,
thinking it was her.
anyway, she'll be in tomorrow tonite.

so i called all my local friends,
but they were all booked with SXSW events.
or i lost their #s in that cell phone mishap.

so i chilled at bookpeople while i charged up my phone, which had died on the way down. i was reading magazines in the audiobook section. there was an audiobook called Wigfield that looked somewhat interesting. George Foreman has a book of advice on life...
I found some EarlGray moisturizing lotion and spread it on my dry and cracked knuckles- now they're alright.

after that i went to Whole Foods and got dinner and some groceries.
i ate the gumbo in my car and ate the eithiopian food in front of Waterloo Records. But as i was walking around, i'd see good stuff, and my whole body would jerk, like my stomach was punching me, saying "GET THAT!!!!" and my whole body was feeling really really good.
"is this still from yesterday?"

the day before, i was on a roadtrip with two pretty ladies.
we were in New Orleans and got bignets (beenyays) at the famous Café du Monde. they come in bags of three, coated with powdered sugar an sitting in about 2 or 3 cups of extra powdered sugar.
so we each had a bag
and then i had about half of Lydia's hot chocolate
and i layed down in the grass where we were sitting,
just staring up at the palm tree, bush, thing in front of this chappel.
i don't know how long i was laying there,
i didn't care-- i felt reeeeeeally reeeeeally goood.
my heart was racing,
i didn't feel tied to my body anymore,
it was just water that i was sortof floating in.
it's hard to describe the feeling without using some sexual reference.
but it's true.
either café du monde, the holy spirit flowin' off of that cathedral, or both just totally slayed me.
for at least 5 minutes, i still feel it whenever i think about it.

at Whole Foods, my legs kept giving out. people probably thought i...
whooo, i'm going to have a lot of homework to do when i get back to denton.

:: matto 11:00 AM [+] ::
Music: Pavement - Terror Twilight
3/20/04 4:30 PM
Mood: 4

i just spent 5 hours with Emly for the first time in a year.
i don't know how, but i knew it would be 5
and i'm not sure what the significance of 5 is,
except that she mentioned how she threw up 5 times after eating some bad oriental food with a side of bubble tea,
so now she doesn't drink bubble tea anymore and she couldn't finish hers.
but calling that significant would be a stretch,

we had breakfast at Taco Maria's
then we went to Cheapo and talked about cruising
(i got her to try the longboard), then i got a sampler of mid 90's canadian indie rock (one of my favorite genres)
then we drove around looking at large houses
and we watched some buzzards eat a mid-sized possum in the street.
then we got some weird icecream balls and bubble tea.
mine was supposed to change colors, but i guess i missed it.
must have been from eggshell to swan white.

it was just like old times,
like only a day had past and somehow we both got much cooler.
and i got that exact same feeling of
really wanting us to be in love,
but not saying or doing anything because it makes her uncomfortable.
(her word)

i thought i had grown so much.
i thought i had learned so much about relationships,
i could even swear that last week i figured out a way to think about things that would make me so totally over her.
but of course i forgot it.
and none of that deeper understanding of relationships was helping me.
so that was humbling.

i guess i should have gotten more sleep last night.
but check this out:

at Taco Maria, she carved "Matt y Emily" into the table with my pocketknife.

she looked so cool carrying my longboard.

i finally got rid of Of Montreal's "The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy," an album that i haven't been able to listen to for a year on account of it always reminding me of her. Great album, but good ridance.

when i dropped her off, she gave me a shaggs tape and a really long hug.
"i'm glad we got to hang out, i missed you sooo much."

she quit the socialist club at UT, saying it was too much like a cult and she suddenly realized how crazy it was.

just between you and me, i could swear her breasts got bigger.
i know how that sounds... but c'mon. cuh-mon.

jokingly, she said, "maybe we can do this again next year."
not joking, i said, "yeah, same time next year."
but i don't know...
i might not even be here next year.

that girl makes no sence to me.
:: matto 11:00 AM [+] ::

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